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We create artwork that looks perfectly natural. It can not even be believed to be handmade. PMU creates unquestionably natural look. It will guarantee your confidence 24/7 under any circumstance.

European Permanent Makeup in New Jersey!

Using premium equipment from Europe, our artists create Permanent Makeup in New Jersey in such innovative techniques like Soft Powder Brows, 3D Ombré Brows, Microblading, Velvet Lip Blush and Eyeliner service. We do not change a face, we enhance it’s natural beauty. Modern Permanent Makeup avoids contrast sharp lines. No more black pigment that may transition into unexpectedly odd tone over the time. Modern European PMU presumes smoky patterns designed in natural shades and applied over superficial skin layers.

Forget your every-morning makeup for 2 years!

With the Ombre Powder Eyebrow Tattoo you will look presentable and well groomed under any and all circumstances!

Take self care of the skin with us

Only natural healed eyebrows!

Color intensity will decrease 40-50% after healing process. In average, the make up may be worn to 2 years.

However it can vary based upon the skin type, age, lifestyle e.t.c. That’s why, the permanent makeup is not just about beauty, it’s also about comfort and practicality.

You will still look fabulous all the time!

If you

– have sparse eyebrows or pale lip color

– you tired of making lip & eyebrow makeup every morning

– want look amazing and fresh during sports, right after waking up and in any weather

Then Permanent Makeup is a perfect solution for all your problems!

Only beautiful natural color!

Scared that Permanent Makeup or Microblading means dark black brows? NO! ⠀

There is a huge range MINERAL pigment colors to help match from the lightest to darkest of brows to ensure a better outcome!

Dark Lip Neutralization & Dark Lip Correction: Say Bye to Dark Lips

Hyperpigmentation may manifest as spots, sometimes along the lips contour or even cover entire lips.

Dark Lip Neutralization procedure (DLNP) represents the safest quick way to get rid of the problem.

Usually 3 sessions of DNLP are required to achieve pronounced stable result. However even after a single procedure dramatic difference is usually noticeable.

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