Dark Lip Neutralization ( Touch Up included )

Dark Lip Neutralization
3 hrs | $560 (Pay later)

Designed to address hyperpigmentation and enhance your confidence. 

Many women face the challenge of hyperpigmentation on their lips. Hyperpigmentation may manifest as spots, sometimes along the lips contour or even cover entire lips. 

Dark Lip Neutralization procedure (DLNP) represents the safest quick way to get rid of the problem. This process aims to achieve a more uniform and natural lip color, enhancing the overall aesthetic appearance.


Our carefully chosen lip pigments are safe and customized to match your skin tone. Dark lip correction becomes a challenge when dealing with melanin-rich skin, as it demands extra sessions, meticulous selection of safe brightening pigments, and extended healing periods. If you’re grappling with dark lips, consider this your opportunity for a solution. Our safe and effective treatment is designed to address these challenges. By undergoing this procedure, we can correct the pigmentation of your lips, ensuring a color that aligns with your desires. Our professional approach prioritizes safety and precision, guiding you through a process that not only neutralizes dark pigments but also enhances your natural lip aesthetics.


Embrace the journey to achieving the lip color you’ve always envisioned with our expertly crafted solution here in New Jersey.


Usually 3 sessions ( Initial session + 2 Touch Up ) of DNLP are required to achieve a pronounced stable result. However even after a single procedure dramatic difference is usually noticeable.
The service includes a FREE second session in 4-8 weeks after initial treatment.

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